Black Velvet (Beer Cocktail)

Cheers to Black Velvet

While going out to dinner recently, I discovered Black Velvet, a refreshing beer cocktail.  Come to find out my new found adult beverage is an old cocktail that dates back to the 19th century, invented after the death of Prince Albert in London.  This drink contains two beverages I really enjoy, so I thought why not try them together?  Black Velvet contains only two ingredients, traditionally made with a dark stout beer and a type of sparkling wine served in a champagne flute.  The one I consumed contained Guinness and a Mumm Napa Brut.

It is light and surprisingly tasted amazing together, though it had more top layer of Guinness foam than I wanted.  For a sparkling wine or champagne, I prefer Brut, as it isn’t as sweet and it adds a crisp light flavor that blends really well with the stout beer.  Additionally, I found Guinness has this Black Velvet recipe online–just carefully pour the stout up one half of the flute and the champagne in the remainder.  It’s a simple yet sophisticated cocktail for a weekend delight, your next dinner party or a special event! Cheers!

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