FAGE–A Must Have Ingredient

FAGE Yogurt with sliced bananas, touch of honey, and sprinkled with cinammon & nutmeg


FAGE Total Greek Yogurt has been a regular part of my diet for the past six years.  My relationship with  FAGE (pronounced fa-yeh) started out as convenient and dependable go-to morning or afternoon nosh, and then I began to see that there was much more to this yogurt than meets the eye.  I  began experimenting and incorporating Greek yogurt as a key ingredient in several dishes in the kitchen.  It is great, healthy alternative option in your cooking! FAGE is my preferred Greek yogurt.

FAGE Yogurt topped with fresh organic berries, honey, and pistachios.


Greek yogurt has a thicker and creamier consistency than standard yogurts.  Typically, I purchase the plain FAGE Total 2% plain in a large container rather than the individual sizes.  For breakfast, I usually scoop some yogurt out into a bowl add fresh berries, roasted pistachios or almonds, and a touch of honey.

When utilizing as an ingredient, it is critical that you taste and season as you go as FAGE does have a tangy flavor.   It doesn’t separate in high heat, and the result is you get the consistency, with good flavor, sans the fat.  Here are some examples of techniques I’ve used to use FAGE as a healthy and tasty alternative to heavy cream and fattening dairy products:

Baked salmon and FAGE yogurt mixed with seasonings
  • Use in recipes that call for sour cream. I’ve used to add a more creamy texture to beef stroganoff and guacamole.
  • Replace mayo (taste yogurt and season as you go before mixing other ingredients) for egg, potato, and chicken and tuna salad.  Top a fresh filet of salmon with FAGE, mixed with dill, sea salt, and preferred seasons with capers and bake.
  • Thicken up a sauce – Add a dabble into your marinara sauce to get a thick, creamy pink sauce without the extra fat!

Benefits and More Ideas

FAGE Greek yogurt is a keeper, and a great relationship to start if you haven’t tried it yet! It tastes good and it’s good for you as it’s loaded with calcium, protein, vitamins, gluten free, diabetic friendly, and contains probiotics (an adequate amount of good bacteria is healthy for your digestive tract). You can find nutritional values and more recipe ideas from FAGE  if you log on their website

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