How to Select Sweet or Tart Fuji Apples

Farmers Spotlight: Cumaya Orchards

The crisp Fuji apples are in season, and one of my personal favorite type of apples!  I recently visited the Saturday Farmer’s Market in Santa Monica, and stopped by the Cumaya Orchards booth, and spoke with Marya Alabano-Eller.

Yellow = Sweet & Green = Tart

Marya, offers a quick tip to HauteNosh on selecting Fuji apples only–she explains each variety is different.  It is common knowledge that tart apples are best for cooking.    Marya states, “It’s best to select apples as close to season as you can.  The sweeter Fuji apples have the yellow background with red streaking.  The Fuji apples with with the green background with red streaking are more tart.  The yellow background of the Fuji apples shows more sugar content.”

Marya spoke about the orchards, owned by her parents, Jean and Howard Albano, in the mountainous area of Santa Barbara County.  Her parents purchased the farm in 1980, originally cultivating hay.  In the 1990s they converted it into an apple orchard, and became certified organic in 2006.


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  • Great tip!!! My boys have a preference for sweeter apples. Now I will know which ones to choose by the color :). Thank you!!!

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