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It can be a challenge to coordinate birthday festivities with friends and family scattered throughout Los Angeles, Orange County, and the Inland Empire.  Usually December is a busy month of multiple birthday celebrations.  This means more noshing on birthday desserts, additional wishes to make, and extra trips to work it off at the yoga studio! Today, I’m sharing some decadent desserts I’ve had the opportunity to try in the last two weeks during my birthday adventures from some fabulous restaurants from chain to fine dining, and even a store bought selection. I have also discovered a new dessert favorite, #5.


#1 Sushi Ryokan, Seal Beach—Here for the fresh sushi, and was pleasantly surprised with a tasty tempura and green tea ice cream.  Coupled with the restaurant shutting their lights off (I thought the power went off), and singing, it was a great way to start of the beginning of the birthday celebrations.

#2 C&O Cucina, Venice Beach– One of my favorite spots for traditional Italian food is C&O.   Known for their garlic bread knots, this restaurant did not disappoint with dessert! I had a flourless chocolate volcano cake served warm, topped with vanilla ice cream and a trick candle that would not blow out!

#3 Sprinkles Cupcakes, Los Angeles– This was the runner up! A friend of mine dropped off this decadent chocolate ganache cupcake.  I am not a huge fan of frosting, but I could have just eaten the frosting alone-it was perfect, not too sweet!

#4 Memphis, Costa Mesa– This soul food restaurant served up a delicious pumpkin bread pudding that I shared with another friend having her birthday.  I’m always a fan with bread pudding without raisins!

#5 Tar & Roses, Santa Monica– We didn’t have reservations at this haute spot, and had over an hour wait… but it was worth it! A glass of champagne and perusing a mini market section with unique products entertained us for a bit! This place featured my favorite birthday dessert of all, a creamy chocolate tar bar topped with salted caramel  ice cream and hazelnut brittle.  The textures and flavors all together was a perfect way to end the evening.

#6 Food for Less, in the Inland Empire– For the family celebration, my parents bought a Boston Crème Cake.  They spent more time making a feast of savory homemade appetizers including lumpia (Filipino eggrolls), deviled eggs, BBQ marinated beef skewers, meatballs, chicken wings, and more! And to my surprise the store bought was a winner with only crumbs left!

#7 Red Lobster, Hospitality Lane, San Bernardino – I’ve been so spoiled by non-chain restaurants, I forget that I’m still a fan of Red Lobster (especially their fresh baked cheddar biscuits)! This simple apple crumb dessert was delicious and I especially loved the crust!

#8 Sevilla, Riverside – Sevilla is a Spanish Restaurant I used to frequent when I lived in the area, that serves delicious tapas and sangria.  The mocha crème brulee is an old favorite of mine and the creamy chocolate coffee combination is as delightful as I remember!

I am fortunate to have friends and family taking the time to celebrate my birthday and make it a special one, thank you guys! I must admit the celebrations aren’t over yet—good thing I have unlimited monthly yoga classes 😉

Mocha Creme Brulee from Sevilla in Riverside
Apple Crumble Pie from Red Lobster in San Bernardino
Blowing out candles on a Boston Creme Cake from Food For Less in the Inland Empire
Chocolate Tar Bar with Salted Caramel Ice Cream from Tar & Roses, Santa Monica
Pumpkin Bread Pudding from Memphis, Costa Mesa
Chocolate Cupcake fromSprinkles Cupcakes, Los Angeles
Flourless Chocolate Volcano Cake, C&O Cucina, Venice CA
Fried Tempura Green Tea Ice Cream, Sushi Ryokan, Seal Beach
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