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042416 intro picAfter a long hiatus of transitioning into San Francisco, I’m writing my first blog post in nearly two years. Pushed aside but not forgotten, it took a simple geometric dinner-themed party to inspire me to jumpstart my blog.

SO and I have friends that hosted the party in city of Walnut Creek. The dinner party was solely based on items made in a rectangular/ish pans, while the dishes themselves were nothing out of the norm.

The party hosts whipped up a fantastic dinner and guests made some delicious contributions. This is the first of any geometric themed dinner party I’ve ever heard of and attended-it’s a thing.

All we were missing were boxed wine and rectangular plates. I initially thought of wearing a rectangular box of some sort but didn’t have the energy to figure it out. We sat at a rectangular table that’s where the theme shape stopped.

We contributed the dessert. I baked a s’mores brownie dish based from an idea got from watching one of Tasty’s recipe time lapse videos.

Attending my first geometric themed dinner party was so fun and the conversations were even more entertaining. Even leftovers were packed in a rectangular Tupperware container to go.

Rectangular dinner menu details:

Big daddy dish: The star of the show was an amazing ground pork and beef lasagna living in a four-hour slowly simmered sauce.

042416 Big daddy

Apps: An artichoke green-chili cheese dip baked in a rectangular-ish Pyrex dish served with square Parmesan crisps.

042416 - artichoke

Roughage: Field greens mixed with pears, blue cheese, julienne carrots, grape tomatoes, cucumbers and walnuts tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette.

042416 - salad

Carbs: Delicious focaccia bread topped with kalamata olives and lemon slices. The simple touch of the lemon added big flavor to the focaccia.

042416 - focaccia

The Closer: S’more brownies made with graham crackers below, local dark chocolate brownie mix with an unpasteurized egg from a local resident chicken in Pleasant Hill (thanks to SO’s mom), topped with marshmallows and dark chocolate chips.

042416 s'mores

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