Gluten Free Crepes

Katia’s blini with smoked herring + salmon

Reminiscing about blinchiki, golden crepes from dinner at Katia’s Russian Tea Room in Inner Richmond, I was inspired to duplicate them for brunch. With the caveat that these crepes are gluten free and made with almond milk for a healthier option. When I cook, I aim to recreate items with healthier options, without sacrificing the taste.

Bob’s Red Mill products are my go to for all types of flours including coconut, almond, tapioca and my latest purchase, gluten-free all purpose baking flour. Its main ingredients include fava beans, garbanzo beans, and potato starch.

For my brunch hard days at mi casa, I typically experiment using these flours or my own fresh ground oat flour to make pancakes, banana bread, muffins, cookies.  This was my first attempt at making a batch of crepes, ever. To create savory crepes I used Bob’s Red Mill GFCF Light and Fluffy Recipe and omitted any extracts and sugars.

The only issue I had was that I had flour pellets that wouldn’t go away much as I stirred. I ended up using a mixer to break them up, and that seemed to help. It could be possibly due to the fact that I added the melted butter one step earlier. The recipe calls to add the butter after the flour is added in. It really helped using a round non-stick saucepan to keep a circular shape rather than a flat griddle on my first attempt.

The recipe yielded about 8 medium sized crepes. Even without the sugar, the crepes were delicious and could be served savory or sweet. I enjoyed my crepes with bacon, and another with smoked salmon to relieve my experience at Katia’s. The SO tried his with olallieberry jam for a sweeter alternative.

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