The Melt

“Do you want to go to the Grand Opening of The Melt? They make grilled cheese sandwiches.”

No,” said no one ever.

Grand Opening for The Melt in Hollywood

As a serious grilled cheese lover, attending the Grand Opening of The Melt in Hollywood was a real treat.  This orange carpet affair took place last Friday night, right off the corner of Sunset and Vine.  I was immediately charmed by the design, their branding, friendly employees, and of course the star of the evening, the grilled cheese melts… and the soup in its supporting role!  The Melt headquarters are based in San Francisco, with the majority of their locations in the bay area.  They are an eco-friendly, fast casual dining operation, using local farm ingredients, and expanding to southern California.

Tray of Truffle Melts (top left), The Classic (top right), The Parisian (bottom)

The Melt takes this American classic up a few notches.  They offer a range of grilled cheese selections from spicy, classic, savory, sweet, and for you carnivores, there is meat.  Throughout the event, the kitchen staff worked hard to serve the nosh sized melts  and seasonal soup shots  to the large number of guests.  The energy was high and the crowd was buzzing over the variety of melts.  For the event, they extended the party to the adjacent outdoor hotel area serving up a variety of libations.

The melts kept coming and I had to pace myself! My favorite of the night was the Short Rib Melt, which was the Weekly Special.  They informed us that we should dip the sandwich into the soup.  I thought the best flavor combo was The Mission with the corn chowder tortilla soup.  They served us a few new items that will soon be added to their menu.  I assume they used the artisan white bread for all their melts in order to get mass samples out quickly.  Below are the samples we tried, and some more than once!

Eating a melt, Short Rib sample (top right), S’more Melt (bottom right)

Truffle Melt, Truffle cheese and truffles paired with wild mushroom soup-A hit with all my friends, nom nom!

The Mission, Jalepeno pepper jack cheese served with corn chowder tortilla soup-The sandwich was spicy and went perfect with the corn chowder.

The Classic, Aged cheddar cheese served with two tomato basil soup-You can never go wrong with this American classic combination.  Delicious!

Short Rib Melt, Short rib with pepper jack cheese served with black bean soup-This special of the week was an excellent melt! The meat was tender and combined the melted cheese and bread, it was scrumptious.  One of my friends liked it so much she got a full size one to go for her hubby.

The Parisian: Brie with apple honey paired with wild mushroom soup -This creamy cheese melt has a tasty sweet and savory flavor combination.

Italian Job: Fontina and provolone cheese with Italian sausage & pepper soup-I enjoyed this cheese duo, and a good one to dip in the soup.

S’mores: Melted chocolate and marshmallow-An easy way to eat this chocolate and marshmallow gooey dessert without getting sticky fingers!

Kitchen staff making melts (top), Short Rib Melt (bottom left), The Melt Logo

Their restaurant concept is simple, yet incredibly brilliant! The creator of The Melt is Flip Video founder, Jonathan Kaplan, along with heavy hitters on the board of directors including, Michael Mina (Michelin Star award-winning chef), and Ron Johnson (former head of Apple retail and now CEO of JC Penney).  The Melt has outstanding eco-friendly businesses standards, using plastic-free and compostable packaging that is 100% post-consumer recycled paper.  Additionally, the hospitality and architectural firm AvroKO (James Beard Award winner) designs The Melt restaurants, and everything from the windows to the walls are made entirely of recycled material.

I’m a fan of their haute menu selections, eco-friendly practices, and good price points—melts are less than five dollars each! It’s a cool, casual spot for lunch, dinner, or a late night nosh! The Melt has a second Los Angeles location in the downtown on Figueroa & 7th, and the mobile The Melt Bus.  To avoid long lines, you can order online to save time.  Good news is that more locations will pop up soon! They are scouting out more sites in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.  For more information on The Melt, like them on Facebook or log on to

Grand Opening in Hollywood
The Parisian
Short Rib Melt and Black Bean Soup
The Classic with Tomato Basil Soup
Dining inside The Melt
The Short Rib Melt
Tray of the Truffle Melt Samples
S’mores Melt


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